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Two ways in which the use of catering services can make hosting events more affordable

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Here are two ways in which the use of catering services can help those hosting events save money.

A caterer can take a cost-effective approach to the menu-planning and can prevent food waste

One reason why people often save money when they hire catering companies for their events is that most professional caterers can easily devise cost-effective menu plans and can help to prevent food waste. Regarding the former, a caterer could help a client to come up with dishes that feature seasonal, local ingredients, which will not only be wonderfully fresh but could also be substantially cheaper than non-seasonal ingredients from other regions or countries. Due to their food-related expertise, caterers also excel at coming up with creative ways to turn a few low-cost simple ingredients into beautiful and flavoursome dishes. This can then enable their clients to serve food that their guests will enjoy, without having to splurge on dozens of costly fancy ingredients.

Caterers are also excellent at preventing food waste. A caterer who has prepared food for hundreds of clients before will know, for example, approximately how much food 100 people will eat at a wedding dinner, and so can give their clients accurate recommendations regarding portion sizes. This can prevent the event host from wasting money by ordering more food than their guests will want to consume.

Catering companies can pass on savings they make by ordering their supplies from wholesalers

Most caterers need to bulk-buy a lot of their catering supplies from wholesalers, to ensure they have enough supplies to serve food for the numerous large-scale events they are regularly hired for. As such, another way that catering companies can help those organising events to save money relates to their professional relationships with wholesale suppliers. Catering companies who routinely place orders with wholesale supply businesses will often get discounts when they do this.

Caterers can then choose to pass on some of these savings to their clients. For example, while a person might have to pay the full retail price for 50 steaks for their upcoming party if they were buying and making the food themselves, this individual might end up paying 70% of the retail price for these steaks if their caterer ordered them from their wholesale supplier. Even when the caterer's fee is added to the total payment this person makes, they could still spend less money overall than if they were handling the food prep themselves.