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Planning a Camping Trip? How Dry Ice Can Come to Your Rescue

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If the call of the wild attracts you, then you and your family may be planning a short trip to the outback for some camping. This may be the first time that you have tackled such an adventure, and while you have all of the camping gear and your trusty form of transportation, you need to make sure that you keep cool while you are there. In this case, think about taking some dry ice with you as it is the perfect solution, but make sure that you prepare and transport it correctly. What do you need to know?

Being Prepared

As you know, conventional ice will only last a certain amount of time when you encounter these conditions, and you would have to pack a very large amount indeed if you were to cater for all eventualities. You'll want to enjoy your time in the wild, however, and will certainly want to keep your food and drink in good condition. In this case, dry ice is perfect, and you can choose the right pack size according to how much time you intend to spend away, and the size of your ice chest. Your ice supplier can help you to calculate your needs and advise you how to plan accordingly.


More often than not, you should think about taking two separate ice chests. Put some ordinary ice in one together with the food or drink that you will want to consume on the go, and put the dry ice together with everything else in the other. This is the best way to plan as the dry ice will deep-freeze everything within its container, and it'll take a lot more time to store out.


Be careful when handling the dry ice as it can easily cause a nasty burn to unprotected fingers. Also, make sure that you do not travel in an enclosed vehicle with dry ice outside of a closed container. It could begin to sublimate and change from a solid form into a gas, so you should ventilate carefully in this case.

Using the Ice

For best effect, place all of the food and drink into the ice chest and then place the dry ice on top of it. If you have any extra space, try and fill this with something so that the dry ice is more effective. Otherwise, it will tend to sublimate to an extent and will not last as long.

Buying Supplies

Talk with your dry ice supplier for some additional hints and tips. They will help you to choose the right amount for your grand adventure ahead. Contact a company like Dry Ice WA for additional help.