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Tips for Serving Late-Night Wedding Reception Snacks

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Most newlyweds believe that food stops at dinner. However, nothing could be further from the truth because late-night snacks are becoming more of a trend, especially for modern-day nuptials. Guests are not leaving wedding receptions immediately after dinner since most prefer to stay until late into the night to party with friends and family. As such, guests are bound to get hungry after dancing their feet off. However, it does not mean that a caterer should serve a complete meal to guests. Well-chosen snacks are sufficient to keep the energy levels up. This article highlights essential factors to consider when serving a late-night snack at a wedding reception.

Offer Few Options

If guests are going to stay late at a wedding reception, the chances are high that they will be tired by the time you are serving snacks. Therefore, the last thing that guests want from a caterer is a long list of snacks to choose from. Unfortunately, most newly-weds make this mistake since they want to satisfy each guest's taste. The best approach is to keep your choice of snacks as simple as possible — two or three options are enough. That said, consider going for traditional selections, such as doughnuts, popcorn, and pizza slices.

Avoid Messy Snacks

When guests dress to attend a wedding reception, they do so to impress. Therefore, they will not be happy if you hand them snacks that can easily spill or drip on their attire. Guests should also dance while holding their snacks without messing up their clothing. Besides, eating messy snacks can easily make one look like a slob. Therefore, the best approach is to choose neat snacks. For instance, if you offer sandwiches or doughnuts with jelly, the chances are high that a drop or two will end on the guests' clothes. Instead, you should provide non-messy snacks such as kebabs on skewers or cheese cubes.

Personalise Snacks

Most newly-weds find it challenging to decide the type of snacks to offer guests late at night. While it might be modest to keep personalisation at a minimum, there is no reason why every aspect of your wedding should not be a representation of your love. Therefore, find snacks that remind people of the love you have for each other. For example, ask a caterer to back cookies with pictures of your loved one on vacation. Do not worry about guests thinking that you are a narcissist for personalising snacks. The night will be memorable and enjoyable.

Talk to a wedding caterer to plan your late-night snacks.